The Right to Repair legislation is a new UK government policy aimed at giving consumers greater access to information and parts needed to repair their electronic devices.


The legislation requires manufacturers and brands to provide repair manuals, diagnostic tools, and spare parts to consumers and independent repair providers. This is a shift from the previous status quo where manufacturers were often able to maintain tight control over the repair process, limiting consumer choice while driving up costs. 

Prove Anything’s product portals give manufacturers, brands and businesses a ground breaking toolset that includes dynamic certificates of authenticity, warranty and documentation repository, ownership records, commerce links as well as recycling and product disposal best practice.

The product portals provide a secure, immutable way for manufacturers to verify the authenticity of a product and track its ownership history while ensuring that they meet the new required legislation by giving easy access to repair manuals, diagnostic tools, spare parts and even links to authorised repair providers.

In addition to helping manufacturers and brands meet their obligations under the Right to Repair legislation our portals also provide measurable benefits for the end consumer giving them easy access to repair manuals, spare parts and components. Consumers will have greater confidence that their device can continue to work as intended, beyond their guarantee, and find recommended local servicing providers or repair clubs.

Our toolset reduces the risk of counterfeit parts entering the repair market. With the ability to track the authenticity and ownership of each device, manufacturers and brands can better monitor the supply chain and ensure that only authentic parts are used in repairs.

Prove Anything’s dynamic product portals provide a comprehensive solution for helping manufacturers and brands meet the targets set by the Right to Repair legislation, while creating a better user experience and protecting the reputation of the manufacturer and the brand.