We are very pleased to announce that Prove Anything has become a GS1 UK Approved Partner.  GS1 is the international organisation that develops and maintains barcode standards.

GS1 have recently launched their new Digital Link standard, which means that traditional barcodes are being phased out and replaced by Digital Link 2D Barcodes, a web-linked QR Code. 

The SmartLinks platform from Prove Anything provides a comprehensive content management system to manage and track your Digital Link product information, data and interactions while providing an extensive suite of apps to further extend its functionality with engagement and customer service tools.


GS1 Digital Link

This new Digital Link standard connects a product’s unique identity to online sources of real-time information. These 2D Barcodes store far more data than traditional “1D” barcodes, giving businesses and consumers instant access to dynamic, updatable information with each scan.

The GS1 Digital Link standard works with all kinds of machine-readable technologies including:

  • 2D Barcodes (QR Codes) 
  • Near-field communication (NFC)
  • Other technologies, such as RFID and digital watermarking. 

Our platform uses GS1 Digital Link to revolutionise product information and management throughout the supply chain, while signposting consumers to relevant product information:   

  • Manufacturers: Recording materials and ingredients, managing product data and inventory.
  • Distributors: Locational insights, inventory management and streamlined recalls.
  • Retailers: Managing pricing, registering sales and adding consumer offers. 
  • Consumers:  Checking ingredients, allergens and provenance. Accessing offers, loyalty and engagement tools.

Consumer Signposting

The fundamental aim of GS1 Digital Link is to enable anyone to digitally access information about the product in front of them. GS1 have developed the Resolver tool as part of their new Digital Link standard signposting consumers to critical product information helping them find answers to their questions with relevant information tailored to them and the product.

Resolvers act like guides rather than information sources. They redirect requests from one server to another. They match GS1 identifiers to one or more sources containing details about the identified item.

Prove Anything manages these links and content to ensure they are resilient and easy to access and  update, while our engagement and commerce tools allow you to gain intelligence and connections to your end consumers and the ability to sell directly from your product.

Our SmartLinks platform will be one of the first to utilise Resolvers as part of our Digital Link solution, we will be launching our Resolver service shortly so look out for further announcements!

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