Clothing & Apparel

Currently clothing labels are complex, crowded and confusing. Labelling requirements means that sewn tags extend to multiple labels and are written in harder and harder to read font sizes, all of which frustrates.

As a result, users often end up just cutting out the tags, losing important information. These crowded labels need to include:


    • Branding details
    • Washing symbols
    • Written washing instructions in multiple languages
    • Material details in multiple languages
    • Manufacturing origin

Smart Labelling

The Prove Anything platform allows you to create QR code tags that can either be sewn in or sit at the top of the label, allowing you minimise other sections, to meet legal compliance. This will encourage users to only cut off ‘below the code’.

One resilient QR Code or NFC that links to a dynamic ‘product portal’ can track, record and display data and information around a specific product, providing a richer, more efficient and cohesive customer service and consumer experience.


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