Fan Connect Provides Ticketing and Authenticates Merch for Kaleo

Prove Anything’s new Fan Connect platform helps sports teams, musicians and artists connect with their fans digitally using wearable NFC technology and QR codes that can be embedded in merchandising, memorabilia, artwork and ticketing to provide an end to end engagement solution.


In partnership with Vertigo Live we provided Fan Connects ticketing solution and authenticated merchandising for Kaleo’s exclusive concert at The Colosseum in Rome.

Our Ticket Portals provided an end to end solution in included ticket details, travel information, hotel details, links to merchandise and exclusive footage.

The NFC enabled tickets also enabled access to the concert and and provided an ongoing connection to the event which is updatable with further content and exclusive fan opportunities and offers.

Check out Fan Connect’s solution for musicians and event ticketing here

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Revolutionising Retail with GS1 Digital Link: The Future of Product Information

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the demand for instant access to product information is reaching new heights. The GS1 Digital Link is transforming how consumers interact with products in the retail environment, offering a groundbreaking way to access detailed product data with just a smartphone.

Traditionally, product packaging has been the primary source of information for consumers. However, as we step deeper into the information age, there’s an increasing expectation for immediate access to all possible details about products. This shift is largely fueled by the widespread adoption of smartphones—nearly 96% of UK internet users have one—enabling them to access the internet anytime, anywhere.


Unlocking New Dimensions with GS1 Digital Link

The GS1 Digital Link standard extends the capabilities of GS1 identifiers like the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) by integrating them into the web. This integration not only meets the growing consumer demand but also acts as a gateway to a wealth of online content that can boost brand loyalty, enhance supply chain traceability, and offer access to a variety of other critical data.

The true beauty of the GS1 Digital Link lies in its versatility. By incorporating a QR code that encodes GS1 identifiers, brands are not just giving consumers a simple URL to scan. They are connecting them to a plethora of information sources, all accessible through a single symbol. This not only saves packaging space but also improves efficiency by allowing brand owners to maintain full control over the information shared.

The GS1 Digital Link standard works with all kinds of machine-readable technologies including:

  • 2D Barcodes (QR Codes) 
  • Near-field communication (NFC)
  • Other technologies, such as RFID and digital watermarking. 

Our platform uses GS1 Digital Link to revolutionise product information and management throughout the supply chain, while signposting consumers to relevant product information:   

  • Manufacturers: Recording materials and ingredients, managing product data and inventory.
  • Distributors: Locational insights, inventory management and streamlined recalls.
  • Retailers: Managing pricing, registering sales and adding consumer offers. 
  • Consumers:  Checking ingredients, allergens and provenance. Accessing offers, loyalty and engagement tools.

How It Works

The GS1 Digital Link can be applied to any 2D barcode, typically a data matrix or QR code. This barcode contains a unique sequence that functions as a web URL, incorporating the product’s GTIN. Brands can enhance the granularity of the information by including additional identifiers within the URL, such as batch numbers or individual item codes.

Beyond Simple Linking: The Role of Resolvers

To ensure that the information accessed is relevant to the user, GS1 Digital Link utilizes a ‘resolver’. This tool acts more like a pathfinder than a direct source of information, redirecting requests from one server to another. It’s designed to link the GTIN within a URL to various types of information—whether it’s traceability details, nutritional facts, or sustainability data.

Resolvers are dynamic, allowing links to be updated with new information such as time-sensitive promotions or important product updates. This dynamic capability means that a single barcode can offer endless resources to support both B2B and B2C engagements.

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The EU Digital Product Passport is coming…

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the European Commission (EC) is pioneering the integration of Digital Product Passports (DPPs) to enhance product transparency and circularity throughout their lifecycle.

This groundbreaking regulatory tool is set to reshape industry standards by promoting eco-friendly practices and reducing environmental impact, with initial implementations targeting the electronics sector among others due to its significant e-waste challenges.

DPPs aim to bridge the gap between economic growth and environmental sustainability by providing comprehensive product information that encourages circular economy principles. This initiative not only supports companies in aligning with regulatory frameworks but also offers a platform to influence these regulations proactively. Businesses are encouraged to adapt by assessing current data practices, engaging in regulatory discussions, and planning strategic technological upgrades.

The EU is moving towards finalising the DPP regulations this year, with full implementation expected by 2026/7, companies across various industries are poised to benefit from early participation.

By embracing Digital Product Passports, businesses can enhance their operational transparency, streamline compliance, and foster sustainable innovation, while providing their consumers with all of the information they need to make informed and sustainable decisions.

This is an opportunity for your business to stand head and shoulders above your competitors and lead the way

For more detailed insights on how to prepare for the upcoming changes and leverage the potential of Digital Product Passports, stay connected with the ongoing discussions and developments at Prove Anything.

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Do not despair about Right to Repair – Prove Anything has the solution!

The Right to Repair legislation is a new UK government policy aimed at giving consumers greater access to information and parts needed to repair their electronic devices.


The legislation requires manufacturers and brands to provide repair manuals, diagnostic tools, and spare parts to consumers and independent repair providers. This is a shift from the previous status quo where manufacturers were often able to maintain tight control over the repair process, limiting consumer choice while driving up costs. 

Prove Anything’s product portals give manufacturers, brands and businesses a ground breaking toolset that includes dynamic certificates of authenticity, warranty and documentation repository, ownership records, commerce links as well as recycling and product disposal best practice.

The product portals provide a secure, immutable way for manufacturers to verify the authenticity of a product and track its ownership history while ensuring that they meet the new required legislation by giving easy access to repair manuals, diagnostic tools, spare parts and even links to authorised repair providers.

In addition to helping manufacturers and brands meet their obligations under the Right to Repair legislation our portals also provide measurable benefits for the end consumer giving them easy access to repair manuals, spare parts and components. Consumers will have greater confidence that their device can continue to work as intended, beyond their guarantee, and find recommended local servicing providers or repair clubs.

Our toolset reduces the risk of counterfeit parts entering the repair market. With the ability to track the authenticity and ownership of each device, manufacturers and brands can better monitor the supply chain and ensure that only authentic parts are used in repairs.

Prove Anything’s dynamic product portals provide a comprehensive solution for helping manufacturers and brands meet the targets set by the Right to Repair legislation, while creating a better user experience and protecting the reputation of the manufacturer and the brand.