Proving a Person

Your personal data is precious and data held about the qualifications and accreditations you have achieved, your health or the products you own are by their very nature private.

But this same data is becoming increasingly valuable, and in some cases essential, to businesses, institutions and government.  

Current connections between these types of data and the person are fragmented and archaic, a mix of digital records lost in emails or on obscure websites blended with paper certificates and faded receipts. Prove Anything is on a mission to revolutionise how this data is collected, stored and shared, all while keeping your most sensitive data at your complete control.


Keeping personal data private


Prove Anything will allow you to share only the specific data required with third parties. Be they a brand you love, your insurers, dentist or local government office, our blockchain based solution is able to only disclose the part of data required by that party.

For a brand that could be your age and salary but keeping your name and contact details secret. A more trusted party, like a government body, could be allowed more information or additional communication channels.

We will have simple permission settings built into every type of record that will allow you to choose what you share with who, all with push button simplicity.

Data Forever Bound to Your Soul


Prove Anything is one of the first companies to utilise the concept of Soulbound Tokens, a token that is attached to a person and which additional records, files and tokens can be added to over the course of their lives. Attached to the ‘soul’ they can be added to but never deleted. 

While the term Soulbound Token has only recently been coined, Prove Anything has long recognised the need and importance of such tokens and will be one of the first platforms leading this exciting new paradigm. 


Prove Your Worth


Your personal data is also a form of currency. As more and more of our lives are controlled and contained online our personal data is used as a key. We are used to having private access to online banking and government services but this is just the start.

The products you own and the qualifications gained can act as keys to private access for all kinds of online and real world products, experiences and communities. Gain entry to a VIP lounge because you own a certain car or special edition sneakers or be invited to an online community because you have a specific qualification.

Prove Anything has been designed to be your bridge to these exciting new experiences, products and communities while being the trusted and secure gatekeeper of your private data.


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