A Platform for Proof


As the Prove Anything platform has evolved we have created a number of unique products and services that harness our pioneering tools of proof and authenticity into easy to use yet powerful applications.


For Creatives

We have developed specialist tools to serve the creative industries ranging from secure and dynamic Certificates of Authenticity to Digital Twins for pairing with real world arts, crafts and collectables, to what we call “Provenance Timelines”. These timelines are essentially verified digital stories built around a real world product, asset or piece of art, which are made up of media-rich proofs indexed on the blockchain.


For Brands and Businesses

We want our platform to be your Web3 partner for proof, trust and authenticity but Prove Anything is more than that. As we embraced blockchain and immutable ledger technologies we realised there was a bigger story to tell around the products people owned and collected in the real world, and also connecting those consumers to brands and their communities, in the digital realm and the burgeoning metaverse.